AsVIVA RA11 Rower – Black/Grey

AsVIVA RA11 Rower - Black/Grey

A rowing machine is a fitness machine, which has its name because of the (arm) movements that you perform on this gadget is quiet similar to the drawing in a rowboat. With the rowing Machine ergometer rower cardio fitness machine XI you can strengthen the shoulder muscles, the upper arm muscles and the back muscles and you can also reach an optimal cardiovascular training and a high weight loss. The draw resistance is manually adjustable in 8 steps. The 8kg flywheel mass, and slip-resistent pedals and a padded saddle, which is guided on ball bearings provide a shock-free and comfortable movement. The rowing machine is foldable, thus saving space – Ideal for the use at home. The computer can be easily operated with 4 buttons. A pulse receiver for wireless pulse measurement is built into the computer and can be operated e.g. with a POLAR ¨ transmitter (uncoded) and with other transmitters, which we offer in our shop. The display shows you the current strokes, total strokes, as well as distance, time and the burned calories.

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