BACK-UP AND RESTORE: A Coaching Guide to Equip Resurgence

BACK-UP AND RESTORE: A Coaching Guide to Equip Resurgence

Now is the perfect time to re-evaluate where you are, and where you choose to be in the future. To move forward it is advised to first ‘Backup and then commence to ‘Restore.’ There are many steps to this process, and in order to complete it you must commit to be responsible for:

2.Your needs
3.Taking responsibility for your actions, thoughts and outcomes
4.Seeking self-direction through use of external tools and resources (equip)
for restoration.

You chose to read this description, therefore, I can only assume that you are seeking a resurgence . There are five steps within this guide to assist you on this journey.

The first step relates to looking back over the past and evaluating and reflecting on what has come to pass.
The second step looks to identify blocks and barriers to your progress, and uncovering some of the values, emotions or beliefs that could potentially sabotage your future progress.
The third step takes a look at where you really are now and gives some clarity on where you actually want to be.
The final two steps encourage you to look forward to the present or a period of time ahead and identify some of the tools and resources that will more easily help you get to your chosen destination.

See you on the inside!

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