Bodymax CV Mat – choose from 3 sizes

Bodymax CV Mat - choose from 3 sizes
  • Protects floors from sweat damage and indentation damage
  • Reduces impact noise
  • Reduces static and subsequent dust damage to key components
  • Choose from 3 Sizes: Medium, Large & Extra large

Why choose a Bodymax CV mat to use in conjunction with your exercise machine? The extra large sized CV mat measuring 243cm x 95cm x 6mm is suitable for large Treadmills, large rowing machines and and large Cross Trainers. The large sized CV mat measuring 200cm x 100cm x 6mm is suitable for Treadmills, most rowing machines and Cross Trainers and recumbent exercise bikes The medium sized CV mat measuring 150cm x 65cm x 6mm is suitable for most exercise bikes, smaller treadmills, some rowing machines and some cross Trainers. Check product dimensions to ensure you have selected the correct size of mat. 1 It is helpful to have a washable rubber mat to protect flooring from sweat dripping from users – if you are exercising correctly, you will sweat! A build-up of sweat over time will inevitably lead to unpleasant odours, and potentially damage some floor coverings, a regularly-wiped rubber mat will eliminate this problem. 2 A clean, dust-free rubber mat helps minimise damage to exercise equipment caused by carpet and dust fibres – because of static created (particularly by treadmills) dust and carpet fibres are attracted to motors, circuit boards and between running belts and running decks, all of which are difficult to clean and lead to maintenance issues and shorten the lifecycle of equipment. 3 A rubber mat can dampen sound created when using equipment 4 A rubber mat can minimise or even eliminate rowing machine “creep” – rowing machines have a tendancy to move across carpets and can cause carpet damage.

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