Elbow Sleeves – Urban Lifters (Pair) – Weight Lifting/Strength Training Elbow Support

Elbow Sleeves - Urban Lifters (Pair) - Weight Lifting/Strength Training Elbow Support
  • 7mm Thick Premium quality Elbow sleeves taking your lifting to the next level.
  • Excellent compression, warmth and support to the Elbow. Lift safely and with extreme confidence.
  • Stimulates effective blood flow to the working area. Improving performance and recovery times.
  • Ideal for Heavy Compound Lifts, WeightLifting, Crossfit, Powerlifting and Bodybuilding.
  • 100% High grade neoprene with double stitching providing excellent quality, durability and a customised fit.

Why Urban Lifters Elbow Sleeves?

Protection:Our Elbow sleeves will help in the avoidance of Elbow injuries during heavy lifting. Urban Lifters 7mm Neoprene Elbow Sleeves offer excellent compression, warmth and support to the Elbow.

Performance:Our Elbow Sleeves will add numbers to your lifts. Whilst being heavy duty the Urban Lifters Elbow sleeves still allow for a wide range of motion and excellent comfort levels. Compression and increased blood flow will ensure enhanced performance.

Recovery:Our Elbow Sleeves retain heat ensuring your Elbows are warm throughout and ready for heavy loads. The compression also reducess muscle stiffness and aching joints.

Multi Purpose:Our Elbow Sleeves are ideal for athletes engaging in Heavy Compound Lifts, WeightLifting, Crossfit, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding or general gym attendance.

Who can benefit?

➤ Anyone who wants to add numbers to their lifts, especially all their push movements including bench press and push press, or olympic lifts.

➤ Anyone who wants to avoid injury or enhance their recovery after heavy sessions.

➤ Both men and woman can benefit from the customised fit afforded by our high quality Elbow Sleeves.

Elbow Sleeve Specification and Sizing:

➤ Urban Lifters Elbow Sleeves are made from High grade neoprene.

➤ They have a nylon stretch to promote range of movement and prevent the sleeves cracking.

➤ The double stitching ensures extremely high quality, durability and robustness.

➤ Contoured fit to ensure a customised feel for all customers.

Sizing Guide: In order to identify the correct size measure the circumference of the Elbow with a straight, locked out arm.

Arm Circumference Size:

➤ 23-26cm (S)
➤24-27cm (M)
➤27-30cm (L)
➤30-34cm (XL)
➤34-37cm (XXL)

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