Gorilla Sports Weight Bench with Adjustable Barbell Rack Black

Gorilla Sports Weight Bench with Adjustable Barbell Rack Black
  • Padded bench can be folded down for sit-ups
  • Height-adjustable barbell rack
  • Simple to fold for easy storage
  • Maximum height of barbell rack: 99cm
  • Maximum load: 200Kg

Weight Bench Shoulder tones the entire abdominal area and upper body. It features a multiple surface that is scientifically designed to offer maximised results from daily workout routines, in a short span of time.

TNP Accessories Weight Bench Shoulder ( Compact Multiple Use )

Offers the benefits to enhance endurance levels and stimulate mental abilities, thus assisting in a dedicated approach towards regular exercising habit. TNP Accessories weight bench shoulder is a great for chest workout, shoulder workout, biceps, tricep and many more

With an in built clip on the back of the step counter it could easily be attached an your clothing waistband or a belt for accurate counting. Ideally it should be placed about 2 – 4 inches to the right or the left of your bellybutton. Please ensure it is worn straight, close to your body and not at an angle.

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