Hardcastle 30kg Single Dumbbell Vinyl Weight Set

Hardcastle 30kg Single Dumbbell Vinyl Weight Set
  • Hardcastle Single 30kg Dumbbell Set/Approx 66lbs – Ideal Weights for Professional Standard Training in Your Own Home
  • 55cm Chromed Solid Metal Bar – Spinlock Collars with Rubber Inset Rings to Keep Weights Secure
  • Straight-Knurled Bar – Non-Slip Grooved Finish on Handle – Metal Chromed Spinlocks
  • Vinyl Covered Weights – Non-Marking ‘Floor Friendly’ Covering
  • Includes: 1x Dumbbell Bar – 2x Spinlock Collars – 4x 5kg Vinyl Weights (25cm x 4cm) – 2x 2.5kg Vinyl Weights (21cm x 4cm) – 2 x 1.25kg Vinyl Weights (17cm x 4cm)

1. Always consult your doctor before undertaking any exercise program.
2. Injuries to health may result from excessive or incorrect training.
3. Always read and follow the assembly and user instructions.
4. After eating wait 1 to 2 hours before exercising.
5. This equipment must be used on a flat level surface.
6. Check for full engagement of locking pins and ensure all nuts and bolts are tight before each use.
7. Remove jewellery, rings, chains, pins or anything else that may catch or snag before exercising.
8. Always wear suitable clothing and footwear when exercising.
9. Children should not be allowed access to this equipment, even when not in use.
10. To prevent injury always ensure you warm up properly before exercising.
11. Always use gym equipment in adequate space, ensuring there is enough clearance either side.
12. We recommend you never do strenuous exercise alone. There should always be someone available to assist you. Training with others can also help motivate you.
13. If the product purchased requires fixing to a wall you must ensure that the surface you choose is suitable and strong enough before installing any fixings. If you are in any doubt we advise seeking help from a professional.
14. For any products that require fixing to the wall, standard fixings are provided. Depending on the type of wall you wish to fix the equipment to, these standard fixings may not be adequate. If you are in any doubt we advise seeking help from a professional.
15. Before each use you must ensure that all parts and fixings are secure and safe.

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