iZarin® Running Belt for EE Harrier Mini / Blue Waterproof Waist Pack / Includes Headphone Cable Slot, Key, Card, Accessories Holder & Additional Extender

iZarin® Running Belt for EE Harrier Mini / Blue Waterproof Waist Pack / Includes Headphone Cable Slot, Key, Card, Accessories Holder & Additional Extender
  • Premium Protection : Running belt is 100% sweatproof & waterproof and will protect your phone and valuables whilst you are jogging or doing any other form of exersize. Fit for mobile smart phones up to 4.7 inches.
  • Touchable Touch Screen Window : Allows quick and easy use of your smartphone when a call or message needs to be answered. There is no need to take the phone out of the running waist pack. The access hole for headphones will allow you to enjoy your favourite music tracks whilst exercising!
  • More than enough storage: There is ample space for your valuables such as keys, wallet or cards to be kept safely inside the zippered pouch. A cloth layer seperates your belongings and your phone ensuring everything is kept in order and protected well within two individual compartments.
  • Adjustable to fit all waist sizes: This jogging belt is suitable for all size waists, ranging from 20 inches to 45 inches (50cm-115cm). So there is no excuse not to go out for your daily run! There is also an extender included, which you can attach to increase the belt size by an additional 20 inches. This will allow you to wrap the running pouch belt around your body as a cross body belt!
  • Reflective strips for night jogging : Our belt also has reflective strips on either side of the belt strap and also around the front edges of the phone case, making it safer for you to jog in the dark. The sport waist belt is also perfect for hiking, jumping, walking, cycling and even Yoga! All this is backed up with our LIFETIME GUARANTEE. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Running Belt / Phone Holder :

The iZarin® waist belt is the perfect solution to hold your smart phone and essential belongings safely when you are jogging. Simply attach it around your waist, slide your headphones through the dedicated headset hole and you’re ready to go. It is very comfortable, lightweight, premium quality and looks trendy whilst exercising.

2 Internal Pockets :

When the zip is opened you will see 2 pockets inside the bag. One of them is for your phone, where the front window is transparent. The second pocket is for your valuables to prevent scratching. You can store keys, money, ID and credit cards, energy bars or anything else suitable to fit.

Touchscreen Compatible :

Get full access to your smart phone screen without taking it out of the waist bag. Switch music tracks, answer phone calls, and monitor your running stats easily, quickly and safely without too much interference to your workout.

Water Proof :

Made from water resistance material to protect your personal items from rain or body sweat whilst training outdoors or at the gym.

Night Reflectors :

The reflective strip around the front edge of the pouch zipper and the 2 strips either side of the belt allows other people, motorists or cyclists to see you more clearly at night, keeping you safe when running in the dark.

Extension Belt :

The additional extender will allow you to increase the size of the jogging belt, making it big enough to apply over your shoulder and around your body.

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