Mava Sports Hand Grips with Wide Wrist Wraps for WODs, Pull Ups, Lifting, Kettlebell Exercise, Gym Workouts – Training Callus Guards & Palm Protectors

Mava Sports Hand Grips with Wide Wrist Wraps for WODs, Pull Ups, Lifting, Kettlebell Exercise, Gym Workouts – Training Callus Guards & Palm Protectors
  • PALM PROTECTION HAND GUARD: finally, a perfect pair of cross training gloves to cover your palms! Our Mava Pull Up Grips provide full palm protection against abrasions, scars, hand tears, calluses and blisters. So you don’t have to worry about slips and reduced friction while gripping exercise equipment or doing chin ups, pull ups and WODs
  • INTEGRATED WRIST WRAPS SUPPORT: prevent your wrist strain and promote wrist health by using our Mava Wrist Wrap gloves. Simply reduce the risk of injury to your joints by providing good wrist support while focusing on your training.
  • Strong Grip, Full Mobility: The Mava Workout Gloves will give you a natural grip on the bar, strengthening your grip while maximizing your mobility. Find your best contact points, flex and bend your hands freely and focus on your training. You don’t have to worry about chalk or taping.
  • BREATHABLE LEATHER HAND GRIPS: Thanks to their open and easy to put on design, you’ll be ready to work out in seconds. Fully breathable to prevent overheating, the Mava WOD gloves are built from high quality textured leather, double-stitched and reinforced on the seams.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: bar routines like pull ups, chest to bar, muscle ups, toes to bar (t2b), knees to elbow (k2e), muscle ups or kettlebell swings, power lifting, power cleans, deadlifts, snatches, gymnastics and high-rep WODs. We designed our hand wrap gloves to improve YOUR performance! They would also make a great gift for a friend.

Wouldn’t you like to boost your training sessions?

Mava Sports is proud to bring you the best cross training leather hand grips on the market. Our Mava WOD grips were designed to solve all your past frustrations, allowing you to train better, more efficient and focus on your performance.

Created for athletes and beginners alike, the Mava leather gloves for men and women were built to reduce hand rips and offer the essential wrist support you need to get more reps in one WOD.

Strap on Mava pull up grips to notice their huge immediate benefits:

Stronger Grip, no Slippage:

Their ingenious palm design is made from textured leather which guides you into finding the best contact points and minimizes grip loss. So grip more, lift more!

Wrist Support thanks to the Integrated Wrist Wraps:

Oversized wrist wrap provides maximum stability and support, giving you confidence for that last rep.

Palm Protection:

Thoughtfully made palm design prevents calluses and blisters, allowing you to not postpone any more WODs.

Sweat Protection:
Breathable design made to combat sweat. Eliminates annoying slippery feeling and gives you a better grip.
Who are they for?

Our customers use our awesome Mava lifting grips for high repetition pull ups, toes to bar, bar muscle ups, cleans and even rope climbing, kettlebell, and rings. But they are also great for rope climbing, weightlifting, strength training, kettlebell workouts and many other types of training. They would also make a great gift for a friend!

Returns, refunds and exchanges

Our awesome Mava Sports gear comes with a 30-day-money-back guarantee. No questions asked! Remember, we deeply care about our customers so if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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