Personal Training Course Success – A Student Guide

Personal Training Course Success - A Student Guide

This book is a valuable resource for any student studying a Personal Training qualification .In addition, Level 2 Gym instructors who are considering a progression to PT or Advanced Instructing will gain an insight into the generic modules they are likely to study. Along with excellent resources and qualified advice for a career in the fitness industry, PT Course Success will enhance your level of knowledge either on course or prior to enrolment.

Acting as your ‘home tutor’; the reader benefits from the authors 15 years’ experience, both as a PT and a Lecturer in Exercise and Fitness where she has helped many Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers achieve their qualifications. With often limited ‘face to face’ contact hours with a tutor, students can encounter difficulties recalling information once they leave the learning environment. This book focuses on the areas where students have previously struggled and requested additional support (usually in the form of late night emails!)

Loretta provides tried and tested solutions in answer to those “how do I actually do that?” questions and encourages the learner to try out some of the tools and techniques she has successfully employed with her Clients.

Written to support Personal Training students during those times of study away from the classroom, this really is a guide to Personal Training Course Success.

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