Physionics® HNTLB02-SET1 Weight Bench + 30kg Dumbbell + 60kg Barbell

Physionics® HNTLB02-SET1 Weight Bench + 30kg Dumbbell + 60kg Barbell
  • Ergonomic barbell with non-slip grip areas and spinlock collars of ca. 60 kg and 30 kg (2x ca. 15 kg) barbell set including weight discs for professional weight training at home
  • For special training of single muscles or muscles groups
  • Suitable for training with barbells and dumbbells, as well as for functional gymnastics and sit-ups
  • Weights are covered with a durable, floor-friendly, plastic covering, which lessens clangs & rattles from metal.
  • Covered in a hard-wearing synthetic leather


Material: durable, coated-finish steel

Height on barbell rest is adjustable (about 83 cm, 88 cm, 93 cm)

Covered in a hard-wearing synthetic leather

Textile raw material composition: 100 % polyurethane

Length: about 117 cm

Height of the bench: about 40 cm

Width: about 58 cm

Total height: about 91-106 cm

Weighs: about 17 kg

Laying surface: about 110/24 cm


Padding: Black

Frame: White

BARBELL (60 kg set) 165 cm long

2 non-slip grip areas

2 robust trapezium threads (secure weights safely)

Weights area on both sides of bar are 30.5 cm wide each

DUMBBELL (30 kg set)

Bar is plastic with a steel core

Non-Slip grip (grooved surface) 14.5 cm wide

Grips on the bar have a non-slip webbed finish


1 x Weight Bench HNTLB02 (assembly required)

1 x Assembly Instructions (EN, GER, FR)

1x Barbell HSTA23 about 165 cm long (chrome plated and straight-knurled)

Weight: about 6.5 kg

Grip areas: 24 cm wide, Ø25 mm

Weight Discs:

2×2 kg (Ø 21 cm, thickness 4.2 cm)

2×5 kg (Ø 26 cm, thickness 4 cm)

4×10 kg (Ø 31 cm, Thickness 5.4 cm)

2x Spinlock Collars with rubber rings

Total Weight: ca. 60 kg

Dumbbell Set HSTA05/B:

2 x dumbbell bars 2kg/bar (4.4 lbs), 49 cm long (Ø 2.5 cm) including 4 spinlock collars

Synthetic weights:

4×0.75 Kg ~1.7lbs (17/2.8 cm thick)

4×1.25 Kg ~2.8lbs (17/3 cm thick)

8×2.50 Kg ~5.5lbs (21/4 cm thick)

Total weight: ca. 30 kg

Lowest Price: £138.69
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