SaneoSPORT Muscle Training * ems machine * muscle toner * german brand quality * certified medical product

SaneoSPORT Muscle Training * ems machine * muscle toner * german brand quality * certified medical product
  • german quality brand
  • certified medical product class IIa
  • 20 programmes (2 with configurable settings)
  • 8 self-adhesive, reusable electrodes (50 x 50 mm, 50 x 90 mm, 4 pieces each)
  • 2 separately adjustable channels for training several body regions

You have tried numerous fitness programmes – without any success? Or you regularly work out and are looking for the ideal supplementary training? The muscle stimulation device SaneoSPORT effectively supports you with targeted muscle building! Whether on the couch while watching TV, during a walk or while reading – EMS Training is possible on the aside in almost any situation and therefore provides an ideal, time-saving addition to your personal workout. In other words, with SaneoSPORT you can significantly increase the extent and the intensity of the workout. There is absolutly no physical exhaustion and stress on the joints during EMS training. The best effect with SaneoSPORT is achieved when you support the electrical stimulation by random muscle contraction and relaxation. The results of the training may not only be well-formed muscles but also firmer skin. An attractive appearance and thereby, increased self-confidence can awake unimagined energy! Give yourself a nudge – you shape your own future!

SaneoSPORT is effective, easy & safe and assits you with: *Muscle growth/strengthening around chest, arms (biceps, triceps), legs *Firming of buttocks and abs *Supporting active forms of sport (jogging, cycling, tennis, football, swimming etc.) *Aerobic and anaerobic endurance training *Strength and speed training *Explosive strength training *Crosstraining *Pain relief for athletic injurys (TENS)

SaneoSPORT kit comprises of one control unit, 9 V battery, set of 4 skin electrodes (50 x 50 mm), set of 4 skin electrodes (50 x 90 mm), 2 lead wires and a bilingual user manual (English & German).

Contraindications: cardiac arrhythmia or heart muscle disease, cardiac pacemaker, metallic implants in the area of treatment, skin injuries or infections in the area of treatment, pregnancy

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