EuroQuality Smart Trainer & Home Wonder Gym & Body Exercise System Workout Fitness Equipment + DVD + Warranty

EuroQuality Smart Trainer & Home Wonder Gym & Body Exercise System Workout Fitness Equipment + DVD + Warranty
  • Dual resistance springs for abs and core strengthening; Choose from 8 different workout options.
  • Dual Resistance: works muscles on the way up, and the way down for maximum results
  • Targets upper, middle, lower abs and obliques; Adjustable resistance to accomodate both beginners and advanced users.
  • Comes fully-assembled; folds flat for easy storage and convenience during travel
  • 100% brand new and high quanlity + FREE Workout DVD + Warranty
    Product Description
    Looking to get the toned gym body you’ve always wanted without going to an expensive gym? With the Machine you can to do it the SMART way! The Machine Smart from Thane is a revolutionary 6 in 1 fitness product designed to target your whole core. Focusing on your upper, middle and lower abs, and your oblique’s! To give you the ultimate total body core shaping and toning work out! The Machine Smart has been proven to be so effective and will help you to achieve your goals and get the sexy six pack abs you’ve always wanted! With this absolutely versatile fitness tool, giving you endless possibilities to be fit. You could experiment and create your own exercises.
    The secret is in Machine Smart’s ingenious patented design. It has cleverly hidden interlocking springs and precision dials on each side that gives adjustable resistance, producing an amazing 10kg to 21kg of resistance on each side! The resistance allows you to work in both directions on each and every rep! So there’s no wasted time or effort as your muscles are going through the entire range of motion, giving you an fantastic total core workout.
    It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, young or old, with Machine Smart you can choose the exact workout that you want to do. Best of all its compact and easily folds up to be stored away just about anywhere. Another great thing is you can take it with you and get the workout that you want! anywhere and any time!
    The Smart combines six great exercises such as sit ups, pushups, bridge, scissor kicks, forearm and biceps and finally triceps. It can help you achieve the desired shape with an appropriate diet it will become an effective way to lose weight. Don’t wait, get your Machine Smart today!
      Package Contents
      1x Gym Machine
      1x DVD

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    Football Strength Training Equipment

    Football Strength Training Equipment
    • HAND FREE FOOTBALL TRAINER: Almondcy football kick trainer provide the easiest way to improve your ability to kick the ball. Practicing your football kicking skill with the most convenient equipment. No need to worry about the ball or waste your time and energy chasing the ball back after kick it.
    • ADJUSTABLE: the belt with Velcro fastening allow you to adjust the size to be fit and comfortable. Flexible for different sized balls. kinetic elastic cord stretches over 16 feet. Great football training aid for kids and adults.
    • IMPROVE YOUR KICKING AND PASSING SKILL: Increase your skill and very compatible with limited space/house/flat/apartment. Extremely easy to use with the length of this kicking trainer, not too short or not too long.
    • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Almondcy kicking football trainer made from high quality of neoprene.
    • SAFTY: The perfect backyard trainer, Maximize your passing and kicking, while building crucial muscle with this kicking trainer that eliminates the need for another player. Perfect item for practice alone in the garden without the worry of windows getting smashed, plant pots getting broken and football going over the garden fence!

    Almondcy kicking football trainer designed to safely return back your kick, this training aid features a comfortable, adjustable belt for all day wear.

    All great football players spent much of their lives training alone, in addition to practicing with a team, even before they ever joined one. To improve at the game of football, not only do you need to practice with a team, you also need to focus on developing skills on your own in your backyard or on an empty pitch. A few inexpensive items, a patch of grass and a little discipline will help you get the most out of solo football training.

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    Power Star Black Heavy duty steel ceiling hook lift with fittings boxing punch bag hanging accessories equipment kickboxing mma.

    Power Star Black Heavy duty steel ceiling hook lift with fittings boxing punch bag hanging accessories equipment kickboxing mma.
    • Made of Heavy Duty strong steel, It can hold up to 100kg.
    • Suitable for Hanging heavy punch bags, Comes with screws.
    • Maximum Lifts: Up to 100kg.
    • Easy assembelled with nuts and bolts, Weather Proof for all conditions.

    POWERSTAR This is a fantastic Punch Bag Ceiling Hook attached to an 8 inch flat plate, and it comes with heavy duty screws for fitting. This hook is made from high quality metal, which has been specially shaped and made for Heavy punch bags. It can be affixed into wooden beams or drill fixed into other suitable places. This item can hold up to 200kgs and would be ideal for your home or garage. This item has been tested for Strength and Endurance.

    Product Features:-

    Made of Heavy Duty Strong Steel

    Suitable for Hanging Heavy Punch Bags

    Comes with screws

    Tested for strength and endurance

    Excellent value for money

    Lowest Price: £4.90
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