Yoga Mat Companion 2: Forward Bends & Hip Openers

Yoga Mat Companion 2: Forward Bends & Hip Openers

An amazing blend of modern science and yoga, this four book series is our most popular book buy for yoga teachers and trainees. Orthopedic surgeon Ray Long has created a scientific approach to understanding the practice of hatha yoga: through full-colour, three-dimensional illustrations of major muscles, tendons, and ligaments, he describes the correct positioning of hatha yoga poses (asanas) and their benefits. Specific anatomical descriptions highlight which muscles to activate in each pose, bringing the experience of the pose to new sensory heights. A novel approach to learning yoga poses: each of the four mat companions focuses on one type of asanae: standing poses, forward bends and hip openers, back bends and twists, and arm balances and inversions. The illustrations and descriptions describe the major movements that enable the poses, how to deepen the posture, and sequences of muscle activation. The concealed wire-bound pages make the books perfect mat resources during practice. Look inside! Click here.

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Running Waist Pack | Comfortable Running Belt For Men, Women & Kids | 4 Pockets For Smartphone / iPhone, Money & Hook For Keys | Comfortable Wear Anti-Chafing Seam For Hiking, Treadmill, Sports, Yoga & More | by Step Forward (Black, M)

Running Waist Pack | Comfortable Running Belt For Men, Women & Kids | 4 Pockets For Smartphone / iPhone, Money & Hook For Keys | Comfortable Wear Anti-Chafing Seam For Hiking, Treadmill, Sports, Yoga & More | by Step Forward (Black, M)
  • RUN LIKE THE WIND: Forget all those bulky and difficult to carry around your waist running belts and enjoy our slim fit running pack. Now you can improve your running routines like never before without the waist pouch hindering your every move!
  • KEEP YOUR BELONGINGS SAFE AND SECURE: Never lose an important phone call again while jogging in the park. Our waist pouch has 4 inside pockets that will safely hold all your necessary items. Money, iPhone, wallet, mp3 player, keys or even your lipstick!
  • EASY ACCESS TO YOUR EARPHONES: If you love running and listening to your favourite music, then we got you covered. This running waist pack has convenient access to the headphones allowing you to enjoy your tunes while jogging!
  • FIND THE RIGHT SIZE & OFF YOU GO: All of our running waist bands can ensure a perfect and comfy fit, depending on how you like to wear them. Measure your hips or waist and make sure the measurement stays around 2″ below the max stretch circumference.
  • GET THE BEST RUNNING WAIST BELT RISK FREE: Since your satisfaction is our top priority, this product is backed by our 100% money back guarantee policy. When it’s time for cleaning, simply toss this waist band in the washing machine and let it do the rest!

Improve Your Running Time With The Ultimate Waist Band! Athletes Wait No More!

Are you sick and tired of cheaply made fanny packs that fall apart after a while? Do you hate bouncing waist pouches that make your running marathons even more difficult? Do you need a lightweight yet ergonomic waist bag for the absolute essentials?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading because we have designed the best running waist band for you!

Keep Your Personal Belongings Safe & Your Running Pack Always Around Your Waist With A Step Forward Waist Bag

Do not compromise with anything else than perfection when it comes to your running waist belts and running accessories. Invest in this comfortable waist belt and skyrocket your running routines from now on.

One of the greatest things about this running waist bag, besides its durable construction and anti-chafing seam designed for comfort, is its multipurpose nature.

You can wear it while walking in the park, jogging with your kids, riding your bike, running the marathon, doing outdoor sports, go hiking with pals, camping with family or working on the treadmill.

Choose the color of preference and find the right size according to the table provided in order to achieve a snug fit. No more fanny packs bouncing or rolling around your waist!

Still Not Sure If This Running Travel Waist Belt Is The Right One For You?

● Supreme quality running waist band for men, women and kids

● 4 reinforced pockets for keys, money, iPhones, smartphones, makeup and more

● Convenient access to your earphones

● Machine washable

● Anti-chafing seam designed for comfort and perfect fit

● Backed by our 100% unconditional money back guarantee

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