Valkyrie Resistance Band- Pull up / Chin Up / Calisthenics (2# Small 9kg to 16kg)

Valkyrie Resistance Band- Pull up / Chin Up / Calisthenics (2# Small 9kg to 16kg)
  • Manufactured as a durable continuous hot water dipped, moulded, thick strip of Rubber in a 104cm long loop
  • Buy any 5 gets you 10%. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with 60-Day Warranty
  • Resistance level in 6 different and completely customisable to your needs
  • Decreased risk of injury: The simultaneous activity of multiple muscle groups creates a harmonious pattern that helps to prevent injury during a workout
  • Great as assisted Pull Up Bands, Weight Lifting Bands, Pilates Bands and Flex Bands

Crossfit Bands equips you with the fitness bands, accessories and training materials needed to hit the ground exercising. Getting fit with workout bands has never been easier, and carrying them with you has never been lighter. Combine the bands to increase the resistance and give your muscles an extra challenge and workout anywhere, anytime! Great when used with or without weights or as assisted pull up bands. Popular Among * P90X Band Users * Football teams * CrossFit Band Users * Athletes for plyometric training * Pilates Band Enthusiasts * Travelers * Stay-At-Home Mums * MMA / UFC / Martial Arts Athletes * Anyone who lacks the time, resources, access or interest in visiting a gym. How are Crossfit Bands Different? 1. The circular design of our bands offers resistance in both vertical and horizontal directions, meaning that your muscles are engaged from various angles. This amplifies the workout by training your muscles to work both harder and more efficiently. 2. Due to the circular design and the various accessories, you have a range of different grip options, ways to position the bands and offer more customized resistance levels. 3. The bands are made as a continuous layered elastic strip with no starting or stopping point where the band has been spliced together. For this reason, and for not being hollow like a tube, Crossfit bands will last considerably longer than other band. About the Training: With the guidance of our visual manual and self-guided tutorials, you will be able to follow one of our certified fitness routines or customize your own personal workout. Our user-friendly training materials will teach all the fundamentals of resistance training and assist you in: strength training, bodyweight management, core strengthening/stabilization and stretching. Colour may vary.

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